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Table of Contents

  1. Importing Animations
  2. Batch Import and Export Bone Pose Functionality
  3. Baked Curves vs. Raw Curves
  4. See also

The FaceFX plug-ins are 3ds Max, Maya, or XSI utilities that can create, modify, and get data out of FaceFX Actor Files (*.facefx), which contain everything needed by a game or 3D application to play bones or morph-based animations.

Typical uses include:

Importing Animations

Batch Import and Export Bone Pose Functionality

FaceFX plug-ins support “Batch Import” and “Batch Export” functionality for exporting and importing bone poses. See Batch Export Text File.

Baked Curves vs. Raw Curves

The plug-ins can return key information for curves via script functions. Curves can be raw or baked. Raw curves return the exact key values, times, and slopes. Raw curves may not accurately reflect the node’s value over time because they do not take into account the node’s minimum or maximum values or any input values from other nodes. Baked curves are a (fairly accurate) approximation of the node’s value over time.  In most cases, baked curves are more useful.

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