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FaceFX Commands - render

Note:  Calling this command from a script that is executed from the DOS prompt will fail if the Ogre rendersystem is not initialized.  (requires graphics card).

The render command is used to save out an image of the Ogre scene.

Flag LongFlag Arg Description
-f -file Yes Specifies the path to the output rendered image.  The extention should be an image format that Ogre supports (.bmp, .png, .jpg, etc.)
-c -camera Yes Specifies the name of the camera to use.  Camera must exist.
-w -width Yes The width of the viewport
-h -height Yes The height of the viewport
‑fsaa -fsaa Yes Controls full screen anti aliasing.  0 for off, 1 for on (default off).


render -camera "Front" -w 1024 -h 1024 -f "C:\FaceFXScreenGrab.png" -fsaa 1;

If you omit the -camera flag, a default camera will be used.  In combination with a command line program like ffmpeg, the render command can be used in python. Check out the scripts directory for an example.