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FaceFX Commands - analyze

Notice: The analyze command is only available in versions of FaceFX that permit batch processing. This feature is not available in FaceFX Studio Professional.

The analyze command generates animations from audio files. The analyze command is the interface for batch processing animations. Like all commands, it can be issued from the FaceFX command line or the DOS prompt via the exec command.

If a text file is present in the WAV file directory with the same name as the WAV file, the text will be used in the analysis by default.

Command Syntax

Flag  LongFlag Arg Description
-au -audio Yes Specifies a single audio file to analyze
-dir -directory Yes Specifies an entire directory to analyze. The group name is determined by the directory name. Can be used with the -recurse flag.
-g -group Yes Specifies the group that the animation should be imported to. Used only when analyzing a single file with the -audio flag. By default or when analyzing one or more directories, the group is specified by the folder name.
-an -anim Yes Specifies the animation name. By default, the animation name is taken from the WAV file name. Within a group, all animation names must be unique. As a result, the analysis command will fail if an edited animation with the same name already exists in the group unless the -overwriteedits flag is used.
-l -language Yes Specifies the language to use. 
-r -recurse No Used with the -dir flag to recurse to all subdirectories when analyzing audio files.
-ow -overwriteedits No Used to specify that the analyze command should overwrite existing animations even if they have been hand-edited. Default is false.
-nt -notext No Audio file(s) will be analyzed without text.
-aa -analysisactor Yes Specifies the analysis actor to use.
-teh -textencodinghint Yes Specifies a hint to help detect the appropriate character set.  Very short files  (one or two words) can load incorrectly without a hint.  ”Autodetect” is default,  or use any of the possible ICU Character Sets 
-ie -ignoreerrors No ignores errors from individual files during batch processing. Only used in conjunction with -directory.
-m ‑modifiedsourcefilesonly  No Only analyzes files that have new or modified audio or text files. 
-kuc -keepusercurves No if the animation already exists and contains owned by user curves, those curves are restored in the newly analyzed animation, even if they overwrite analysis curves; used only in conjunction with -overwriteedits
-smt -skipifmissingtext  No skips files that do not have a matching .txt file


%analyze -dir "C:\Sounds" -recurse -notext
%analyze -audio "C:\test.wav" -group "first level" -anim "test2" -notext
%analyze -dir "C:\Sounds" -overwrite -language "French" -aa "BodyGestures"

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